Sunday, March 22, 2009

so late, so what...

have you ever first become aware of something that you think is great, but soon realize you are drastically behind the times? oh...wait, that article isn't dated march 2009 its from 2008. aahh man!! now who can i talk to this about?? i so badly wanna say 'hey world...have you seen this? its great', but i dont out of fear i will hear the enviable, 'uuhh yeeeaaaah, where have you been?' i really hate that moment! eehh but screw it, truth is that i have only JUST become aware of the comedic stylings of Russell Brand.

and since im not totally comfortable in my tardiness...i feel compelled to make a footnote discussing my limited access to things like television, the internet...but not sure it would help.

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