Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tis the season...

i have decided that im ready for a white summer. i already have my white plimsolls, and just copped some white jean shorts...WHAT's NEXT???

Monday, March 30, 2009

giving the gift...

i think giving gifts is a pretty special thrill in life...its almost selfish if you think about it. i just love the moment someone smiles from receiving something they really wanted...its about as cool as the moment someone laughs from something funny you have said. some people have the gift of giving more than others...im not talking about just mere generosity...but the ability to know what to give. take my brother for example, year after year he pulls off not just thoughtful gifts...but USEFUL ones. he gives me the kinda gifts that help me do what i want in life. meanwhile, he is probably regifting my presents...

OH WELL, there's always next year...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

where were you...

every generation has their moment in time that they know when and where they were when certain shit went down. there is something universal to the human experience about recalling these moments. i can single handily say the very time and place i stood when i experienced the following:

Jerry Garcia's Death

OJ's Verdict

John-John Kennedy's Death

Aaliyah's Death

911 Attacks

Obama's Election

Thursday, March 26, 2009

summer wind...

In one week, I will have my most current toy-camera work on display. It will be a group show, which I have curated. I will be joined by Bobby Whigham and Chris Luxton. Anyone approximately near...
Latitude: 39°57′12″N & Longitude: 75°10′12″W
(a.k.a. Philadelphia, PA) is very much welcome!! The show is being hosted by REWARD in old city, 55 N2nd street.


curator statement:
I chose summer wind from a collection of color photography by Chris Luxton, Bobby Whigham and myself. All these images were shot in small-format, during summer months. I asked these artists to join me knowing that our collective approach to film is very similar. My goal was not to have a group show of individual artists with comparable styles but rather a single collection that examines a focused topic. I began with summer as the basic theme for the imagery and as hoped, I was able to tell a vivid story through the alluring details within our work. The final group of images convey the subtly of sensation and the movement of light found within the experience of summer.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

so late, so what...

have you ever first become aware of something that you think is great, but soon realize you are drastically behind the times? oh...wait, that article isn't dated march 2009 its from 2008. aahh man!! now who can i talk to this about?? i so badly wanna say 'hey world...have you seen this? its great', but i dont out of fear i will hear the enviable, 'uuhh yeeeaaaah, where have you been?' i really hate that moment! eehh but screw it, truth is that i have only JUST become aware of the comedic stylings of Russell Brand.

and since im not totally comfortable in my tardiness...i feel compelled to make a footnote discussing my limited access to things like television, the internet...but not sure it would help.

like lennon & mccartney...

when two minds marry to birth greatness the world should take notice. much like the economy, the same overwhelming lack of direction has been felt in hiphop as well. the audience that once jumped to their feet for the talent enriched 90's, feels shorted by the draught of quality in today's music. is hiphop dead..i say not as long as these two MAD MEN are on the job. like peas in an off beat pod, madlib and doom compliment one another with their prolific styles. sadly their collaboration is not permanent. they operate as solo artists at the end of the day, BUT like kidneys...you're not really required to have both at the same time, but i sure as hell wont suggest living with just the one.

thoughtless kind...

there is a concept that has been coined the 'grand gesture'. it is an act of romantic redemption. it occurs AFTER it has been made apparently clear that someone is truly blowing it. now the level of how 'grand' this gesture needs to be depends on the person walking away.

so what is a demonstration of love??
is it shown through humility or pride? words or actions? ideals or reality?

at the short-sighted age of 16, it kinda looks like this...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

what if...

you were presented with the chance to have a new talent or skill?? one that you have always wished for...but wait! there's a catch, you had to give up one of your own in exchange. now...im not talking about switching suburb penmanship for a set of soprano pipes. it would be even-steven, so what ever level your current talent is at...thats how strong your new one would be. also even in the way you value it. now, keep in mind...you would no longer have this talent/gift/knack/skill to express yourself. imagine the next time you pick up your pencil to draft a poem that potently captured your complex thoughts...it wasnt there!! all you can write are 'hallmark-like' dribble, but you now can cook gastro-orgasmic dishes like a 5 diamond chef.
would you do it?? or would you miss the ol' you?

do our talents make us who we are or can we make our talents apart of who we want to be?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


after watching an obscure movie i wondered how important it is to have your audience understand the message or theme? does an encrypted plot make for a good film? and is conveying a clear concept only spoon feeding your audience?

honestly, im not really sure.

when you create any work whether it be a film, a photo series, a sculpture or painting...should connecting with the viewer be important? or even necessary? especially considering that when making art, it is often a very personal process void of opinions and preoccupations.

but i wonder...how subtle is too subtle??

spring ahead...

though the hour of sleep lost has been shame...im sooo ready for spring. maybe one day i will make it to india for HOLI. it is not only a religious holiday...its also very much about 'disregarding social norms and indulging in general merrymaking.' you can see the joy on their faces...