Saturday, March 21, 2009

what if...

you were presented with the chance to have a new talent or skill?? one that you have always wished for...but wait! there's a catch, you had to give up one of your own in exchange. not talking about switching suburb penmanship for a set of soprano pipes. it would be even-steven, so what ever level your current talent is at...thats how strong your new one would be. also even in the way you value it. now, keep in would no longer have this talent/gift/knack/skill to express yourself. imagine the next time you pick up your pencil to draft a poem that potently captured your complex wasnt there!! all you can write are 'hallmark-like' dribble, but you now can cook gastro-orgasmic dishes like a 5 diamond chef.
would you do it?? or would you miss the ol' you?

do our talents make us who we are or can we make our talents apart of who we want to be?

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