Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the 'convenient' truth...

is a type of circumstance i have encountered in life when a person tells you something credible that doesn't really benefit you...but rather themselves. it is, by the way, truthful...but ultimately not helpful. personally, i call it 'self-fulfilling honesty'. and up until recently i was only aware of it as one i see that there is this an entire spectrum within the responsibility of forthrightness and circumvention. if you havent ever put much thought into it, consider this simple example....have you ever had someone tell you that there are rumors floating around about you? this is a case of being told the truth about something you really didnt need to know. the person telling you relieves themselves of any ill feelings or burdens and puts the obligation of knowing something like this square on YOUR shoulders. you think...'THANKS, i could have gone my whole life without knowing that...' because how does this actually help you?? if the truth shall set you free, why does it feel incommodious?

now...the opposite side of this situation is when your told exactly what you want to hear regardless if it is true. in an attempt to avoid a confrontation...the person tries to pacify you. it serves in the same way. again, the comfort and the convenience of these words are not at all working in your favor. you are left with a similar sensation of dissatisfaction...

strangely enough, i have found, these moments usually come from someone who cares about you and acts with the utmost sincerity. people who are willing to tell you or either try to protect you from the unpleasant truth usually aren't malicious people.....they should just acknowledge and accept their true motivation.

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