Thursday, April 2, 2009


i recently a prolific man (pictured above) that happiness is not an emotion we feel but rather a choice we make. i agree. i could ramble on and on about emotional utopia or my metaphysical 'politics' but i will say that i believe that we are in the driver seat of life. one is perfect and not every hurdle can be overcome, but when we remember the power of positivity and conviction...more things will become possible.

here are just some similar concepts that constantly float through my mind:
1. no one should have more faith in your abilities than you do
2. if you say your gonna do something, do it
3. pain is relative and no one has it on easy street no matter how it appears
4. be grateful...always say thank you
5. inspiration is a gift, dont waste it(its also very temperamental, so act quickly)
6. personal growth is uncomfortable...thats why they are called 'growing pains'
7. always look for the lesson...


  1. :)

    Again, congratulations on your show today! Very proud of you :)


  2. i needed to read this today. thanks!