Friday, May 15, 2009


i just had the most inspiring conversation with a lovely woman on my flight. up above earth’s weather, you are really able to see the big picture. it was on our way out of the plane’s lavatory that we got stuck behind the pace of the drink cart. I initially thought....’fatal move! oh long will i be here???!?!?!?’
we both took a seat and began chatting. in the end, it was an absolute delight.
Kim is a full-figured woman, full of fearless advice. i was captivated by the shine of her lip-gloss as well as her spot-on perspectives about money, men and maturity. we share many similarities...especially on our female attitude in life. she is just a few years older than me and is in the direction that i feel that i was also headed. it was refreshing to hear ‘from the other side’....and apparently forecast is sunny skies!!

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