Friday, September 4, 2009

season in review....

its been an interesting summer. i have had some ups, some downs but such is life.

I saw an entire town turn a group of strangers into family in just a few days

I witnessed two mothers be forced to bury their young sons

I taught myself new skills

I found new muses

I turned the corner to understanding the positive and negative impact that I make

I realized that some things in a family will never change

I have seen how powerful a meaningful friendship can be

I have seen how clich├ęd a meaningless friendship can be

I understand that people can only change when they are ready for it...and some never are

I took advantage of using faith over skepticism

I have learned that bad habits take longer to break than they do to pick up

I have experienced what it is to be 'too late'

I realized that age doesn't matter...maturity does

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