Saturday, November 7, 2009

the week's wardrobe game....


i have employed a few friends to play alil dress-up game. it starts this monday and it will go on til friday. there was a list of looks assigned for each day with some slight perimeters. here is the email that was sent to prepare the contestants:

aight ya'll.....who's with me?? there arent many rules or such. if you fudge the perimeters...your guilt will be punishment enough!!

oh, wait ONE RULE. its all or nothing. everyone must play for the entire week. aaaaaand, you are welcome to repeat an item in your outfit....i mean if you dont have enough creativity to switch up your shit, thats on you. HAHAHA.

ok....REAL SIMPLE, each day has a pick out your illest look. we need to meet up each morning to document. i will post em then there is a winner for each day. we all collective decide the winner and it must be unanimous. (this will be the opportunity to explain the genius of your ensemble to any haters) best of luck.


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