Tuesday, December 29, 2009

wreck'd em?, i damn near killed em...

those who know me, understand that i live for comedy....but i am secure enough with my sense of humor to admit i have a collection of greeting cards that are so bizarre that some of them i dont even get the sediment.
perfect example:

whaaaa??? "you're all heart" what the hell is that supposed to mean??
now i have picked this punchline apart a few ways and have come up with some interesting possibilities but at the end of the day NO ONE can confirm what the hell the joke is. and for that....it shall reign supreme in my collection. HAHAHAHA

i have been holding on to some these for years...not sure if i can part with them, but mostly because i dont know a single human being that i could actually send them to....

what sick bastard come up with this one?? is there really a market for greeting cards during divorce? or is this just a metaphor for some other colossal failure your friend is experiencing that you so insensitively had to commemorate with a card? OUCH

c'mon!! the author of this card isnt fooling anyone with the whole 'girl' bit. this was obviously drafted by a bitter, post-menopausal broad who's nickname in college was 'the village bicycle'

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