Monday, January 25, 2010


as alot of DOOM fans have cant be sure you are actually seeing him perform live. rumor has it that he sends look-a-likes to do his onstage bidding. DOOM claims its all apart of his mater-minded creation....but i think its just a simple case of social anxiety disorder. i've been to a handful of DOOM shows but can faithful say i have seen him perform once. it was a monday night at fluid in 2000 and he was performing his first album OPERATION: DOOMSDAY and some dude in the audience said 'your brother aint shit'....then DOOM threw down his mic and chased him out into the was over. $10 and only 5songs into the set....oh well, at least i know it was the real deal.
(the song, to tell his story about it, entitled 'monday night at fluid' came years later)

and thats why im thinking its really unlikely that he'll be showing up to events like this or this.

here's the man without the mask...

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