Friday, January 22, 2010

while you were out...

i get so excited when i find new pieces...especially when they are outta season. the buildup is torture...but i love it. hahahaha

here are some new spring/summer finds while i was away.

aztec tunic
actually this is a shirt...but im hoping i can pull it off as a dress. too short?? havent decided yet...

no, no...dont adjust your screen. its me...pleeeease keep in mind its january and my legs havent seen the sun in far too long..hahahaha

waterproof trenchcoat
this is super kinda have to see it in person. the tag says 100% tire nylon...whatever the hell that is. but its paper thin and has a great shine. i have never seen a windbreaker made in this typa silhouette...its so feminine. i love it!

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