Monday, February 1, 2010


im a HUGE fan, but i was abit baffled with Beyonce's musical selection for her Grammy performance...for a few reasons.

1.(and most importantly) she has lady gaga on her damn heels after her pop-goddess title and i expected her to blow minds as a means to hold her positioning. 'if i were a boy' just doesnt have that kinda je ne sais quoi...
2 the chick is married to one of the wealthiest young entrepreneurs in america...collectively they gross 400million. i think her opportunity to speak about being jaded over boys is slightly expired.
3. alanis morissette? a medley into 'you oughta know'...uumm ok?!?! dont get me wrong...i was 14 once and owned that album, but did i mention i was 14?!?!!?

1 comment:

  1. Im surprised she did this. She's been doing this same thing on tour for over 2 years. NOT FRESH!

    GAGA wins