Tuesday, February 9, 2010

seriously hysterical...

i have read several articles on Freud lately and was surprised to learn of a pretty hysterical concept in medical history.

at one point in his career, he did studies on a disorder called 'female hysteria'. i had never heard of such a thing. from the name alone, i imagined it would be some misogynist reference towards women who were out spoken...hahaha and i wasnt too far off. i learned it was a term for, what is now simply known as, female sexual frustration. this 'illness' dates back to ancient Greece. apparently women who suffered from such problems as feeling restless would be forced to seek medical attention. i also discovered that the attempt to cure the symptoms lead to the invention of the first vibrator in the 1900's. the irony is that this device came into existence because of the utter lack of understanding that physicians had for the female body. HAHAHA. amazing. thats like finding out a vegetarian invented the recipe for A1 sauce....

now please realize that this a scientific discussion and i'd rather not get into any more vulgar details but she will....hahahha

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