Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fornication Under Consent of the King...

the search can cease....(phew) i have found it.
the funniest greeting card i have ever read.

Though the card expresses a sentiment of concern....I absolutely love the undertone of resentment from the hypothetical sender. Every time i read this card, i find myself mentally stringing together the main message 'F_CK U' I just start laughing. This card is perfect for that special someone who has fallen off the map and could use a little nudge back into your life. hahaha

Its a tactful way of saying "YO cuz! what up?? havent heard from you in a minute. sup with that?!?!? i really miss you. for real...cause i wouldnt bother tracking down your ass if i didnt love you. c'mon now! dont clown me, pick up the damn phone and call..."

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