Sunday, June 20, 2010

what goes around...

i passed a man outside the foodstore, who appeared at first glance to be loitering. while looking thru him, i brushed right so many people commonly do in this situation. i NEVER give money to people who ask. but i also NEVER deny someone food. and as i was just passing earshot, i processed what he had said.
'im hungry...any food you can spare would be appreciated. god bless you.'
i thought, DAM' sucha jerk. i immediately scooped up food, paid for it and went back outside. but he wasnt there. i was kicking myself. i went back to shopping and fortunately ran into him. i got to give him the food and we exchanged smiles and well wishes. i thought that was the end of it. but as i finished shopping and exited the store...he was waiting for me. he insisted on bartering for the food. he sketched this wonderful portrait of me. as i peered into his eyes to model for my drawing...he paid me a thousand compliments. i CLEARLY got more out of this trade.

signed: Irving Fields