Wednesday, September 8, 2010

been had that...

just got back from yet another go around of what i like to call 'aquemini'
which can be simply explained as the adventures of tania and me.

tackled 4 countries in 7 days and we only slept in a hotel once.
we lived like locals due to the generosity of some amazing europeans.
(as you can imagine, the next few posts will be on this topic)

i shot some digi and ALOT of film. as i wait to get the film back, i will post some digi shots.

in europe, the coolest graffiti i have ever seen was in Portugal. They have alot of illustrations. But as for hand...Paris was pretty righteous. i didnt have the time to property document the euro graff scene.
the one downfall of having seen so much in a short amount of time is when i would be getting on a train(obviously where all the great graffiti lives), id be too wrecked to take any pics. so i just shoot some weird ones that caught my eye.



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