Wednesday, October 6, 2010

top shelf...

had the opportunity to have dinner at this great restaurant Back Forty while i was in Manhattan. their heirloom tomatoes were sweetest i ever tasted. having grown up on the new jersey beach line...thats saying something.

the next day, i got invited to taste some wine. tables and tables of expensive reds, whites and even champagne for me to try. so there i was...booklet in hand, and i dug in HAHA.

at a tasting, you are supposed to spit out the wine after you sip it. uuuhhh, yeah? i know thats the proper thing and all...but spitting into a bucket on a crowded table wasnt working for me. i decided the only appropriate thing is to get a buzz HAHA. one was priced at a few thousand but my favorite was Chateauneuf-Du Pape Tres VV 2005 at $449 a bottle.

a mirror/self portrait?? ...couldn't resist!!

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