Saturday, January 8, 2011

waking dream...

i have been waking up from a dead sleep the last few nights. half awake and the other half still participating in the plot line of my current dream. most often im not thinking too clearly but last night i woke up saying the word 'vintique'. my brain was demanding that i remember this word...well it isnt quite a word, its more of a concept. it fuses vintage and antique to make vintique.

it doesn't surprise me that i was thinking about this even in my dreams. i probably say those two words a few hundred times in a single day. its my life, its what i do. but what did surprise me is that i had never heard that before. i couldn't help but wonder if i had created the idea from scratch?? so i did what anyone would do in this situation...i googled it. (hold your applause) the word/concept already exists...but not in high volume. and mostly as an auto-part reference. there was one site was using the same word but instead they fused vintage and boutique.

anyhooo...i think i may have identified a branding term for my work. its kinda catchy and i like it. "By combining vintage wears with antiques pieces you end up with a 'vintique' collection."

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